Downloading of Layers and Map Documents

Upon completing the registration, logged in users may able to download data layers and other documents.


  1. Click the Data –> Layers (dropdown button) from the navigation menu. A new web page will appear.
  1. A list of 2018 Land Cover of various Bukidnon municipalities or Local Government Units (LGUs). Click either the 2018 Land Cover LGU file name or thumbnail.
  1. The next page shows several options on the right side bar. Click the Download Layer.
  1. The users have options to either download the layer as Image or Data file. Those who wish to load the data layer in their GIS platform may choose the Zipped Shapefile or the Original Dataset option.
  1. Three map documents (in either jped or pdf format) are also avialble for download, just click the Data –> Documents from the menu bar. ESSC included the 2005 Bukidnon Land Cover for comparison purposes.
  1. Click the Download Document from the right side bar or you can directly click the image.


The data portal has some options to create a map that uses the said layers. Go to Maps –> Create Map.

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