Context and Findings


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Background of ALARM-GAUP

In September 2017, Environmental Science for Socoal Change and Forest Foundation Philippines began a collaborative project, “Assessment of Land and Resource Management and Generating Advancement for Upland Peoples (ALARM-GAUP)”. One of its aims is to:

“assess the forest and related resources of the Northern Pantaron Mountain Range in Eastern Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental, as well as the rest of Bukidnon province and other Forest Foundation-supported project sites in Misamis Oriental, by conducting a land cover assessment of the entire province of Bukidnon (around 906,000 ha) and Central and Eastern Misamis Oriental (around 354,000 ha) using state-of-the-art remote sensing technology and satellite data which will be comparable in land cover classes to the 2005 assessment of Bukidnon performed by ESSC.

Policy Brief and Process Documentation

Here are useful links that highlights the results and the process (methodology) documentation in deriving the 2018 Land Cover of Bukidon. For other information about the project, please visit the Project Webpage.

Policy Brief

This document serves primarily as a guide for decision makers, local stakeholers and general public. It highlights the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and focuses at the landscape level of Bukidnon, especially the Northern Pantaron Range.

Process Documentation

The documentation below presents the data and methods used in producing the 2018 Bukidnon Land Cover. Multistakeholder validation for the map outputs were also discussed.