With support from the Forest Foundation Philippines and the Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur (ARES) of the Belgian Government, the Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) shares its updated land cover assessment for the province of Bukidnon using recent data. ESSC previously produced the 2005 Bukidnon Land Cover, a collaborative initiative between the Provincial Government of Bukidnon and ESSC using best available data and methods at that time.

One of the primary objectives of this recent update is to produce high quality maps and GIS data that can be used by stakeholders in their resource management and planning initiatives. Thus the data and maps are developed to be readily accessible to stakeholders through an online GIS data sharing portal where authorized users can browse and download the database. The following pages below serves as a supplementary material for the said webinar that showcases the use of ESSC’s Geographic Data Portal.

About ESSC

The Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) is a Jesuit research institute with a 20-year history of engagement in local, national and regional research and dialogue that contribute to an understanding and sustainability of community-based environmental management through the development of a “science for social change”.

ESSC’s approach to environmental mapping makes significant contribution to building people’s capacities to collectively manage and plan towards an improvement of their way of life through a more responsive management of the environment.

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